Dua Zehra Goes Home to Parents

A case was highlighted in 2022 of a girl named Dua Zehra who went missing from her home. Her father, Syed Mehdi Kazmi complained to the police station to search for his daughter.

Later, the police found out that Dua Zehra married a boy named Zaheer in Lahore, Punjab. Moreover, Dua claimed that she was happy with Zaheer and did not want to go home to her parents.

On the other hand, her father stated that her daughter is underage and she was kidnapped and brainwashed by Zaheer and his family.

The case had been open for months in Sindh High Court (SHC) and it made significant progress today.

A bench presided over by Justice Iqbal Kalhoro decided to hand over Dua Zehra to her parents. Dua Zehra, who was living in a shelter home appeared in court and asked the court to let her go to her parent’s house.

The court decided in her favor and handed her over to her father.

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