Dubai Starts to Build Air-Conditioned Highway

Dubai is always looking to innovate its infrastructure and this time the plan is to innovate a full-fledged highway.

The Gulf city located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has started preparations for a 2km long air-conditioned highway.

Dubai is known for tourism and people from all over the world visit Dubai and enjoy views. Now Dubai will build the first-of-its-kind boulevard that will attract even more tourists. Gulf media is already reporting and excited about the project because it will be the first-of-its-kind experience.

Along with an air-conditioned highway, there will be glass-enclosed pedestrian walkways for people to enjoy chilled walks in hot summers.

It will also include shopping spaces, restaurants, movie theatres, nightlife spaces, and children’s play areas as well.

Azizi Development firm has decided to invest 20 billion dirhams in commercial, residential, and entertainment spaces.


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