Prince Harry Alleges Physical Fight with William

The Royal family of the United Kingdom has been in the news for a long time due to their personal family life being showcased in the public, and Harry and Megan leaving the family.

Another blow hit the Royal Family recently after The Duke of Sussex, Harry released his autobiography in which he revealed some disturbing claims regarding the Royal Family’s behavior towards him including his brother William, as released by The Guardian.

The memoir claims that Harry and William both pledged to their father Charles to not marry Camilla because they were scared that she would turn out to be a ‘wicked stepmother’. However, later after meeting Camilla, Harry and William agreed that as long as she makes their father happy then she can be a part of the family.

Moreover, about his relationship with his brother William, Harry revealed that they had an ugly fight after William called Megan ‘rude and abrasive’. Also, William grabbed him by the collar, broke his necklace, and pushed him to the ground.

Harry remembers that it all happened so fast that he did not get a chance to react to the situation.

Buckingham Palace has not yet commented on Harry’s allegations.

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