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Prince Harry Claims to Kill 25 Taliban in Afghanistan

Prince Harry after separating from the Royal Family has been in the news lately due to his autobiography in which he revealed some aspects of his personal life.

He shared his views on his childhood memories and relationship with his parents and brother.

Prince Harry also shared details about his time in the British army where he played the role of a helicopter pilot to assist the army men in the Afghanistan war.

In his memoir, he revealed that he killed 25 people in Afghanistan and has no regrets about it because it was his job and justice.

Describing the nature of the killing, he explained that, he killed as “chess pieces taken off the board, bad guys eliminated before they kill good guys.”

He also mentioned that “killing 25 people did not fill me with pride, nor did it make me ashamed.”

The Duke of Sussex suggested that he managed to kill people because of his training. He said, “You can’t kill people if you see them as people.” They trained me to ‘other’ them, and they trained me well.”

However, these claims are not being appreciated by the former British military leaders and Afghan government. The Royal family still did not make any comments on Harry’s claims.


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