Russian Hackers Attack US National Laboratories

A hacking team in Russia hacked National laboratories in the United States of America jeopardizing national security.

The Russian hacking team is known as ‘Cold River’ which targeted Brookhaven (BNL), Argonne (ANL), and Livermore (LLNL) national laboratories in the United States of America.

Cold River is the same hacking agency that hacked intelligence information in Britain’s foreign office kin 2016. Also, they have been involved in a lot of high profile cases.

The hackers attacked the national laboratories last summer during August and September. They created fake login pages so that scientists can enter their passwords and nuclear information can be revealed through these accounts.

However, there is no apparent reason behind this information invasion. All the national laboratories BNL, LLNL, and ANL refused to comment on this situation and the hackers’ attack.

Western officials say the Russian government is a global leader in hacking and uses cyber-espionage to spy on foreign governments and industries to seek a competitive advantage.

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