Sarwat Gilani Opens Up About Indian Projects

Sarwat Gilani is one of the most popular Pakistani actresses who has worked in popular drama serials such as ‘Dil e Muztar’, ‘Meri Zaat Zarra e Benishaan’, and ‘Mere Dard ko Jo Zuban Milay’.

Recently, Sarwat worked in movies that got a lot of attention and praise from the audience and industry. She worked on two Indian OTT projects called ‘Churails’ and ‘Qaatil Haseenaon Ke Naam’.

Moreover, Sarwat worked in ‘Joyland’ which has garnered worldwide appreciation and got nominated for an Oscar.

Menu Gaur’s directorial ‘Qaatil Haseenaon Ke Naam’ stars Sarwat Gilani who interviewed with The Indian Express.

When asked about her experience working on the Indian projects, she said, “It puts that message across that art together with anyone and everyone is going to be beautiful, it is going to win, and it has no boundaries, Zindagi has paved a path to bring talents together from across the border: They get to work with us, we get to work with them… That’s the only way forward, you cannot live in your small bubble and say, ‘We are creative.’ You have to expand, you have to expose yourself to art, which, just like love, is universal.”

Moreover, about Indian culture, she explained, “Half of my family is from India. I grew up with a lot of Indian cultures.”

She further stated her ideas regarding women empowerment saying, “I am also an activist, so a little bit of that also comes from the fact that, ‘Hey I am a woman, I have a mind, a mouth, so let’s talk.’ It is important for us to not confine art in these small boxes because that’s not where it belongs. It belongs in the thousands of houses where people want to see some glimpses of what life could possibly be.”

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