Govt. Allows Only 8000 Cars in Murree

One year ago, a tragedy happened at Murree hill station in Islamabad where more than 23 tourists died because their cars got stuck in heavy snowfall on Murree road.

The tragic incident took place because there is a capacity of only 3,500 cars in Murree but every year more than 200,000 cars enter Murree and the hill station is unable to occupy such a quantity.

After this incident, the government decided to make the traffic situation better in Murree by developing the roads, clearing the roads after a snowfall, resisting cutting off trees, and increasing parking spaces.

However, the condition remains the same in Murree after one year. The parking spaces of hotels are still small and get jam-packed just after parking a few cars. Also, most people park their cars on the roadside which narrows the road and other vehicles get stuck.

The Deputy Commissioner of Murree, Ahmed Hassan suggested that they will allow only 8000 cars to enter the hill station so they could avoid any commotion. Moreover, the area has deployed traffic police and district police personnel to cover Murree.

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