Saudi Railway to Launch Female Bullet Train Drivers

Saudi Arabia will experience another first-of-its-kind project that has never happened before in the Gulf country.

Saudi Railway (SAR) posted a video on Twitter to announce their first-ever batch of 32 female drivers that will drive the bullet train at 453 kilometers on the Haramain high-speed line between Makkah and Medina.

The 32 women in the video shared their experiences and memories of the training period. They further mentioned that they are proud to be part of the first batch in this pioneering initiative that is one of the biggest projects in Saudi Arabia.

The women of the first batch went through a tough training of 480 hours that taught them everything about traffic rules, safety and security rules, technical issues, and the working of bullet trains.

Moreover, the training was done on a simulator that perfectly emulates the actual Haramain bullet trains. The trainees trained in a cabin that emulated the weather conditions and all the technical issues to give first-hand knowledge to the trainees about real working trains.

Saudi Minister of transport, Saleh Al Jasser mentioned that the women workforce is essential for the nation because of their dedication and talent. He also said that in a few months, the female drivers will operate the trains.

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