Ayesha Mano Reacts to Leaked Video

Pakistani internet sensation, Ayesha Mano is the girl whose video went viral on the internet in which she danced to the popular vintage Indian song ‘Mera Dil ye Pukaray Aaja’ at a wedding.

The video went viral within a few hours and gathered attention from across the border as well. Not only in Pakistan, but India also fell in love with the girls.

Many Indian celebrities including Madhuri Dixit and Katrina Kaif also danced to the popular song and copied Ayesha Mano’s dance moves.

However, now another video of Ayesha Mano went viral on the internet in which she is dancing to the same song but in a different outfit with different moves.

The netizens took to the comment section and called the video.’ obscene’ and ‘inappropriate’ because of the sexual dance moves.

But Ayesha Mano posted on her Instagram and called it ‘fake and photoshopped’, and that she would report the person behind it to the cybercrime department.

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