Iran Condemns French Caricatures of Ayatollah Khamenei

Protests are non-stop happening in Iran. However, this time they are in favor of the Iranian government and leader Syed Ali Khamenei, and against the French government and journalist Charlie Hebdo.

Iran witnessed a series of protests after the death of a woman named Mahsa Amini under the custody of Iranian police for not following the strict dress code suggested by the law.

Iranian women and people from all over the world registered their protests in support of Mahsa Amini. The Iranian government arrested many people.

Recently, a french Journalist, Charlie Hebdo caricatured images of Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei in a magazine in support of Mahsa Amini and as a satire on the Iranian government.

Moreover, the cartoons appeared in a special edition of a magazine remembering the attack on the magazine’s Paris offices.

Many protestors gathered outside the French embassy in Tehran and burned the french flag to mark their protest.

The Iranian government warned France for insulting and misusing freedom of speech rights. Foreign Minister, Naser Kahani said, “France has no right to justify insulting the sanctities of other countries and nations and followers of divine religions under the pretext of freedom of speech.”

Also, he went on to say, “Paris should observe the fundamental principles of international relations — namely mutual respect (and) non-interference in the internal affairs of others.”

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