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Karachi Eat Ends on Disastrous Note

Karachi Eat is one of the most anticipated events for the people of Karachi where they get to enjoy delicious food from local businesses at Beach View Park.

People of Karachi attend the food and musical events in large numbers. The ‘Kahani Suno’ singer, Kaifi Khalil, and ‘Young Stunners’ were also expected to perform at the event.

However, the last day of the event ended up in shambles as the management failed to control the situation and secure the event. Some unknown people got into the venue and harassed women and families, breaking stage and tents, and ruined the event for everyone.


One of the people present at the venue shared her experience in a tweet.

Another attendee shared her experience saying,  “Stags broke the gates and forcefully entered Karachi Eat today. People are saying that they literally had to leave through spaces between walls and jump off them to get out of the chaos. Please ban such events in the city if security can’t be managed.”

Moreover, Singers Kaifi Khalil and Young Stunners refused to perform as they saw the behavior of some people who were harassing women and families.

The news was doing rounds on the internet saying that Kaifi Khalil was hit during his performance with a bottle and got injured. But Kaifi Khalil denied such rumors and shed light on the event through his official Twitter account.


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