Pakistan to Receive $8 Billion as Flood-Aid

Pakistan’s prime minister, Shahbaz Sharif co-hosted an international conference with the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), Antonio Guterres in Geneva.

The international conference covered ‘Climate Resilient Pakistan’ to raise money for flood-affected Pakistan and its victims.

Heads of different countries attended the conference to help Pakistan in its struggle against the devastating effects of climate change.

In this conference, Premier Shahbaz Sharif explained to the international community that Pakistan needs $8 billion over three years to deal with the devastating effects of floods.

Moreover, information minister Maryam Aurangzeb mentioned that Pakistan has already surpassed flood-aid targets of $8 billion because of the compassion shown by the international community towards the flood-affected Pakistan.


She further shared the breakdown report of aid in a tweet stating, “EU pledged $93 million, Germany $88 million, China $100 million, IDB $4.2 Billion, WB $2 billion, Japan $77 million, ADB $1.5 billion USAID $100 million, France $345 million, total $8.57 billion.”


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