Ice Hockey Tournament Commences in Chitral

Ice Hockey is a popular sports game that is also the national game of Canada. Pakistan is witnessing a growing interest in the northern parts of Pakistan where the snow is abundant.

The Canadian High Commission in Pakistan promoted the game in upper Chitral and developed a well-maintained ice surface for local players to explore this new game. Moreover, the Agha Khan Rural support program also helped in the development of this game in Chitral.

In Parwak village located in Upper Chitral, the ice hockey tournament kicked off last week providing an exciting opportunity for young girls and boys who have an interest in the game.

The game started off with eight local teams with talented boys and girls from the Upper Chitral district.

The Canadian High Commissioner, Leslie Scanlon also attended the game with her daughter to cheer for the teams. They witnessed a thrilling match between the teams, fox and snow leopards. Snow leopard ended up winning the game which received lot of appreciation from the high commissioner and people.

Many people from near areas gathered to see the game and enjoyed the game. The players also shared their experience saying that it is a new and thrilling experience.

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