Shahroze and Syra Talk About Life After Divorce

Pakistani actors Syra Yousuf and Shahroze Sabzwari are known widely in the Pakistani drama and film industry. Also, their couple is quite famous as they were married once and got divorced in 2020.

Now recently, both of them shared the poster of their upcoming movie ‘Babylicious’ which has gathered a lot of attention from the media and fans.

However, the Sinfe Aahan actress cleared that they shot the movie a few years earlier and it could not get a release because of some technical difficulties and the corona pandemic.

In an interview, both Syra and Shahroze talked about their life after divorce and how they look at this situation. Both of them shared that they are parents of a beautiful daughter Nooreh and she has kept them together in a friendly relationship.

Syra mentions that because of Nooreh, they are on friendly terms and enjoy time together with their daughter. Further she explained that for kids, we have to forget our problems and that is the reason why she has been on good terms with Shahroze.

However, Syra suggested that people should stop asking too many questions about their divorce as it gets uncomfortable and people should move on as they both have.

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