Gas Prices to Increase by 74% – OGRA

The inflation rate is not stopping at any moment for the people of Pakistan. Oil, flour, pulses, meat, chicken, and vegetables all have witnessed huge jumps in prices.

Now another inflation bomb dropped on the people of Pakistan because of the decision that Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) took.

OGRA decided to increase sui gas prices by 74%. Therefore, the Sui Northern Gas Pipeline LTD. (SNGP) would be allowed to increase gas prices by 74%, and Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) will be allowed to increase gas prices by 67.75%.

The current average price of the SNGPL is Rs545.89 per MMBtu while after the implementation of Ogra’s decision, the new price would be Rs952.17 per MMBtu.

Similarly, the current price of the SSGC is Rs692.63 per MMBtu while the new price would be Rs1,161.91 per MMBtu.

OGRA will take this decision after the approval from the federal government. However, if the federal government does not approve of this decision in 40 days, OGRA will implement it automatically.

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