Pulses and Oil Containers Stuck at Port

Inflation rates are rising day by day in every corner of the world. Pakistan is not exempted from this crisis as well. The foreign reserves are down to $4.5 billion but the expenses are imports on the way are worth billions of dollars as well.

It is reported that Pakistan might suffer a pulse crisis in the month of Ramadan because $1.5 billion worth of pulse imports are stuck at the port due to a shortage of dollars in the country’s reserves. Moreover, the prices of pulses will increase twice because of shortage and demand.

A press conference was held to discuss this matter of potential crisis by the Chairman of Karachi Wholesale Groceries Association Abdul Rauf Ibrahim and Vice President of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Haris Agar and others.

They mentioned that six thousand containers of pulses are stuck at the port and the burden of demurrage charges is increasing as well.

Experts suggested that after importing these pulses, government should try to limit all of their imports for the benefit of country’s economy.

Moreover, along with pulses, ghee and oil containers are also stuck at the port.

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