Scientists Claim End of Great Salt Lake in 5 Years

The largest salt lake in the world is located in the northern part of Utah, United States. But the scientists claim that this huge salt lake will disappear in 5 years if people and government do not take care of it.

The people of Utah need to conserve water or else the lake will dry up. The land of salt lake is about 2.5 million acres and to stop the declining level of the lake, almost 1.2 million liters of water are required to be put back into the lake.

The current situation suggests that 0.1 million acre-feet of water is returned to the lake which is not enough. Moreover, the lake loses over 1 million acre-feet of water annually.

In addition, the researchers suggest that despite warning the government and the people of Utah, nobody realizes the urgency of this crisis, and the need to conserve water.

Moreover, they mention further disadvantages and negative impacts of the decline in water levels. They said, “Examples from around the world show that saline lake loss triggers a long-term cycle of environmental, health, and economic suffering. Without a coordinated rescue, we can expect widespread air and water pollution, numerous Endangered Species Act listings, and declines in agriculture, industry, and overall quality of life.”

The Great Salt Lake is beneficial for the environment because it harbours important flora and fauna, protects air quality, remove water pollution, and maintain weather and snowfall in close range mountains.

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