Momal Sheikh Reacts to Bahroze Sabzwari’s Statement on Women’s Wear

Momal Sheikh is a popular Pakistani actress who is the daughter of Pakistan’s pride, Javed Sheikh, and the niece of another veteran Pakistani actor, Bahroze Sabzwari.

A few weeks earlier, Bahroze Sabzwari appeared on host Nadir Ali’s show ‘The talk talk show’ in which he discussed the clothing of this generation and how vulgarity is spreading on TV.

Sabzwari commented that people should wear the national dress on TV rather than copying western clothing styles. Moreover, he commented on women’s attire which gathered a lot of attention from the netizens. He mentioned that women should wear appropriate clothing and should not wear skin-tight clothes.

In addition, he stated that he has seen women wearing tight clothes and see-through clothes which make men stare at them. Therefore, women should avoid wearing such clothes and wear decent clothes.

Recently, Momal Sheikh appeared on Nadir Ali’s show and he asked her about the comments of Bahroze Sabzwari on women’s clothing.

Momal Sheikh very calmly answered the question saying that he shared his thoughts and maybe that’s what he saw, so he should be given benefit of doubt.

She said, “It is his point of view, maybe it was something he observed while he was coming to the interview and he expressed his thoughts. Maybe it was something that stuck in his mind and he wanted to talk about it, whenever we come to the show we don’t talk about the scripted things, we speak our hearts out, so I can give him the benefit of doubt, maybe it was something disturbing him.”

Momal further went on to say, “Now people should move on and let it go, and if anything has to be asked it should be from Bahroze Sabzwari and not me.”

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