Woman Mysteriously Missing from Malir Cantt

A woman has gone mysteriously missing from the area of Malir Cantt in Karachi. The police still have not found the woman.

The name of the woman is Sumbul Sultan Yaqoob who is 22 years old and married to Sultan Yaqoob.

Her family revealed that she lives with her husband in the Ranchhore Lines area of Karachi. But she went missing and no one in the family knows where she is. They looked at all the places but could not find her.

A relative of Sumbul Iqbal, Altaf Hussain suggested that a person named Tahir Kerio offered Sumbul a government job and asked her to come to Malir Cantt for further information.

Sumbul went to meet Tahir but did not return home. The police are investigating the case after the family filed an FIR.

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