China and Russia established a new global order

China and Russia are both major global powers with significant economic and military resources. As such, they do have the ability to exert a significant degree of influence on the international stage.

However, it is uncertain whether or not they have the ability or the desire to establish a new global order.

China is widely recognized as a rising economic power, and it has been actively seeking to expand its influence in various regions around the world. It has invested heavily in infrastructure and development projects in many countries, and has also been expanding its military capabilities.

Additionally, China has been increasing its political and diplomatic engagement with countries across the world in order to promote its interests and build a network of allies.

These actions, China is widely perceived as having played a more active and assertive role in shaping international relations in recent years.

Russia, too has its own geopolitical interest, with its natural resources and military might. It has been using its energy resources as a tool of foreign policy and building up its military capabilities as well.

However, it is also worth noting that both countries face significant challenges, domestically and internationally.

Both countries also have their own diverging interests, which may not align. Even though both nations have formed strategic partnership and cooperate in several areas, it is not clear if both nations are willing and able to establish a new global order.

Ultimately, whether or not China and Russia can establish a new global order will depend on a variety of factors, including their ability to build and maintain alliances, their ability to address internal challenges, and their ability to achieve their goals and objectives in the face of opposition from other major global powers.

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