Elections on 15th January – Election Commission

A lot of speculation was doing rounds in the media about the local body elections happening in Karachi and Hyderabad.

Recently, MQM Pakistan and PSP joined hands to boycott elections and news started circulating that elections might get delayed this time again. However, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has announced its decision on the matter.

ECP has announced that local body elections will take place on the selected date, on the 15th of January in Karachi and Hyderabad to elect the local governing body for Sindh.

ECP held a meeting in which the Sindh government plead to delay the elections. After the meeting, ECP dismissed the plea that the Sindh government submitted and said that elections will be held on a decided schedule.

Moreover, ECP maintained that Rangers and police must protect and cover sensitive polling stations in Sindh.

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