Sania Mirza Announces Retirement from Tennis

The Indian tennis star, Sania Mirza who is also a wife to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik announced her retirement on her social media platforms on Instagram and Twitter.

She posted pictures of her playing and wrote a heartfelt letter to her fans remembering her journey since she was six years old. Now the 36-year-old star has decided to retire from the Tennis world after the Australian Grand Slam that is starting on the 15th of January.

She captioned her post as a ‘life update’ to let her fans know about her decision.

The tennis star wrote, “Thirty years ago, a six-year-old girl from Nasr School in Hyderabad, walked onto a tennis court at Nizam Club with her young mom and fought the coach to let her learn how to play tennis as he thought that she was too little [to play tennis]”.

She further wrote, “[looking back], not only did I get to play well over half a century of Grand Slam tournaments but I was fortunate enough to win a bunch of them, too, with God’s grace,”

Moreover she thanked her fans saying, “It’s all of you, who have helped me through the toughest phases of my life and helped this little girl from Hyderabad to not only dare to dream but to achieve those dreams, as well. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

About her retirement, the tennis star stated, “My Grand Slam journey started with the Australian Open back in 2005. So, it goes without saying that this would be the most perfect Grand Slam to end my career with.”

Furthermore, she explained that she took this decision to focus on her son more because he needs her at the moment. She said, “In fact, [it is] a beginning of many different memories to be created, dreams to be achieved and new goals to be set. My son needs me more than ever now and I can’t wait to live a slightly quieter and calmer life while giving him more of my time than I have been able to give so far”.


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