Ali Tariq to Hold Gig After Karachi Eat Disastrous End

Karachi Eat which is one of the most anticipated food festivals in Karachi ended on a disastrous note because of all the ruckus and harassment that took place at the event.

Families along with their ladies went to the Karachi eat festival where some unknown people gatecrashed and ruined the party for everyone. These unknown people harassed women, broke the stage, and ripped the tents apart which caused a commotion and ruined everybody’s moods and spirit.

Many singers including Kaifi Khalil and Young Stunners left the show and refused to perform at an event where women can’t be safe.

Famous singer, Ali Tariq also could not perform at the event because of an insecure environment. However, he announced that he will hold a gig for women who could not enjoy themselves at the Karachi Eat Festival. He mentioned his desire in his Instagram post.

He wrote, “it hurts to see that women and families in our society can’t even enjoy such simple things in life.”

He further said, “After reading all your messages from you guys, I want to put out a public gig, all girls only! This is to cater to all the girls who came out on Sunday but weren’t able to enjoy their day to the fullest.”

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