Sindh Government Demands Delay in Elections Again

Local body elections in Karachi and. Hyderabad have become a mess in Pakistan because of uncertainty at every step.

MQM and PSP joined hands to boycott the elections. Also, the Sindh government has pleaded in the court to postpone and delay the elections.

A few days ago, the Sindh government pleaded with the Election Commission of Pakistan ECP to postpone the elections but ECP refused their request and maintained that elections will be held on the scheduled date on the 15th of January.

On Saturday, the Sindh government reiterated its point of view regarding local body elections. They suggested to the ECP to postpone the elections because of security issues. They mentioned that there are not enough civil police and rangers available to cater to the requirements of elections.

The ECP has not responded to this matter as of yet. There is still a lot of uncertainty in the elections just a day before.

The ECP has conducted a sudden meeting to discuss the request of the Sindh government.

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