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Snowfall Blocks Roads in Northern Pakistan

The whole northern region of Pakistan has turned white because of constant snowfall for three days and the temperature dropped to -8 degrees centigrade freezing almost everything.

Neelam Valley, Leepa Valley, and Skardu are all completely covered with snow. The scenes look beautiful as everything is icy white but it has caused many problems for the people.

All the tourists and citizens of the region are facing problems because the snow has blocked the roads and knocked off the power system. Moreover, tourists find it hard to find good shelter as many of them are stuck on the roads.

Rescue operations are in process in all of the northern regions to avoid hazards and havoc. Also, the authorities have advised tourists to take precautionary measures

Pakistan International Airlines have been cancelled to Skardu because of extreme weather conditions.

8-inch snow covered the roads of Murree blocking ways for tourists and several accidents also took place on Murree roads.

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