Dubai to Build Ring Around Burj Khalifa

Dubai is evolving and innovating itself at a rapid pace. A month ago, Dubai announced the building of an air-conditioned highway. Now it has announced a spectacular project that includes a ring around the Burj Khalifa.

Znera Space which is an architectural company proposed a design of 550 meters tall ring which will surround the Burj Khalifa. This new design will encompass the whole of Downton Dubai with a circumference of three kilometers.

The proposed design is known as ‘Downtown Circle’ and Znera Space shared the pictures on Instagram with a caption: “As a response to the dilemma of how to build densely while retaining livability, the downtown circle project establishes a sustainable and self-sufficient vertical urbanism. As a singular mega building complex, it aims to create a hyper-efficient urban center that gives back to the environment The proposed 550-meter tall mega structure offers an alternative to the singular and unconnected high-rises found in most metropolitan areas.”

People who have seen the project’s design have been amazed by the sleek design and how beautiful it looks. Many people commented positively in favor of this project.

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