Dubai’s First Ever 3D Printing Mosque

The United Arab Emirates city of Dubai is all set to build the first 3D printing mosque which will allow 600 people to worship in it.

The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities department of the UAE government will oversee the building of this mosque. They have planned to start building the mosque by October 2023 and finish it by 2025.

An architectural firm known as JT+Partners has developed designs for luxury hotels in Seychelles and the Middle East and has designed the 3D printing mosque.

Moreover, three specialists will work on the building of the mosque using a combination of raw materials and concrete mix. Also, the 3D robotic printer used in the project will work at the rate of two square meters.

UAE is developing and using innovative technology at a rapid pace and plans to see 25% of construction through 3D printing by 2025.

The director general of IACAD, Hamad Al Shaibani said, “Building the first mosque in the world to be built with 3D printing technology is a distinguished project in the world built with this feature, and this work is a translation on the ground of the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed.”

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