China Witnesses a Decline in Population

China has witnessed a considerable drop in the population for the first time in six decades. The last time China’s population dropped was when the Great Famine hit China in 1961 which killed a large population and the population dropped by a considerable amount.

In 2023, experts suggest that China will continue to witness decreasing population which will make India the most populous country in the world.

Explaining further, China’s National Bureau of Statistics gave the numbers showing the decline in population. They mentioned that China’s population dropped from 1.41175 billion to around 8,50,000 million towards the end of the year 2022.

Moreover, UN experts mentioned that China will see a decrease in population and might lose 109 million by the year 2050 which is triple the amount of what they predicted in 2019.

Furthermore, experts also claim that before becoming the richest and world’s biggest economy, China will become old. This situation might lead to economic slowdown because the demographers suggest that government debts will increase over time and revenue will be less.

However, the head of National Bureau of Statistics claims that people should not worry about the decline in population because the labor force still exceeds the demand.

Also, Demographer Yi Fuxian said, “China’s demographic and economic outlook is much bleaker than expected. China will have to adjust its social, economic, defense and foreign policies.”

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