Local Body Elections Results in Sindh

The most talked about event in Pakistan for quite some time was the local body elections that took place on the 15th of January, and the results surprised everyone.

Peoples Party (PPP) dominated most of the polls in Hyderabad but Jamat e Islami (JI) challenged them and gave them tough competition in Karachi.

PPP surprised everyone by winning 94 seats in Karachi while JI won 86 seats, and Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI) won 40 seats. Moreover, PMLN won seven seats while TLP won only two seats.

In Hyderabad, the PPP has won 76 seats, PTI 37, Independents eight, TLP two, and JI one, as per the ECP’s data.

However, the results were delayed by 29 hours which sparked speculation from the people and political parties. PTI maintained that PPP rigged the elections to win. Also, PTI mentioned that many people did not cast votes and did not show up for the elections. Moreover, MQM and PSP jointly boycott the elections.



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