Speaker Raja Ashraf Accepts PTI’s Resignations

National Assembly speaker, Raja Parvez Ashraf has accepted the resignations of 35 lawmakers of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf.

123 lawmakers of PTI filed their resignations from the lower house of parliament in the National Assembly after the ouster of former prime minister, Imran Khan in April last year. However; recently, Imran Khan announced that he will be returning to the National Assembly to discuss with the treasury benches.

The members whose resignations have been accepted include Murad Saeed, Umar Ayub, Asad Qaiser, Parvez Khattak, Imran Khattak, Shehryar Afridi, Qasim Suri, Najeeb Haroon, Aslam Khan, Aftab Jahangir, Attaullah, Aftab Hussain Siddiqui, Ali Haider Zaidi, Alamgir Khan, Saifur Rehman, Faheem Khan, Zartaj Gul, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Malik Amir Dogar, Shafqat Mehmood, Hammad Azhar, Sanaullah Mastikhel, Fawad Ahmed, Mansoor Hayat, and others.

PTI’s Chairman, Imran Khan mentioned to a team of journalists that he foresees that Pakistan will witness general elections in the next three to four months. Also, he said that he will give sleepless nights to Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif.


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