PTI and PPP Lends Support to Jamat e Islami

Jamat e Islami (JI) emerged as a leading political party with 86 Union committee (UC) seats after the Peoples Party (PPP)  won 96 seats from Karachi and Hyderabad.

All the political parties are lending support to JI as they have won in Karachi and it’s their responsibility now to choose a mayor for Karachi.

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI) has also shown immense and ‘unconditional support’ to JI and wants JI to merge with them to support the people of Karachi. PTI says that “We want them [JI] to announce its mayor with our support for the next four years.”

PTI further suggests thatWe do not want to see PPP get Karachi completely. It is our party’s decision. It will be a blunder by JI if it enters into a deal with the PPP.”

On the other hand, PPP is also trying to woo JI to make a mayor from their party to rule Karachi. PPP’s President for the Karachi division, Saeed Ghani mentioned that PPP won the most seats in Karachi therefore it has the right to appoint its mayor and to serve the term for two years.

Also, he stated that next mayor of Karachi will be a Jiyala, and decisions will be taken by the party leadership.

However, JI has not commented on anything. But sources suggest that JI will not collaborate with PTI because PTI has only 40 seats in the parliament and did not do much for Karachi when it was in power.

Moreover, JI will hold meetings with the leaders of the PPP to discuss the name of the next Karachi mayor.

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