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Kaifi Khalil Tops Spotify Charts

Kaifi Khalil, the young talented singer who emerged and took the music industry by storm with his soul-filling music and song ‘Kahani Suno’ and the upbeat regional song ‘Kana Yaari’.He is not only gathering attention from Pakistani fans but fans from all over the world are listening to his song and loving it.

Kaifi Khalil has joined Spotify for Artists program which is an artist-centric platform for streaming music that benefits artists to reach a much wider audience, to support the artist’s journey.

Kaifi Khalil has topped the charts on the music streaming service, Spotify with over 19 million streams. Also, Kaifi Khalil’s rendition of the OST of the drama serial ‘Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha’ which stars Hania Amir, Zaviyar Ijaz, and Wahaj Ali in leading roles, is also topping the Daily Viral Song’s Charts on Spotify.

The song is trending in India, the UK, USA, and topped the charts in Bangladesh as well. Every reel on Instagram has Kaifi’s music on it which has increased his popularity immensely, making him a global sensation.


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