‘One Room One Light’ Policy by IT Ministry

Pakistan has been trying to conserve energy, gas, electricity, and water and for this matter, IT Ministry has devised a plan to implement the ‘One Room, One Light’ policy.

A few weeks earlier, Defense Minister, Khwaja Asif also held a press conference to stress the importance of the conservation of energy by using solar panels, using less electricity, gas load shedding, and conserving water. He also appealed to the business owners to close down their businesses by 8 pm to save electricity. Marriage halls were decided to be closed by 10 pm.

Now according to the One room one light policy, the IT ministry suggests that everyone should use only one light wherever they are. IT minister, Ameenul Haq said that all the departments working under the IT ministry are bound to comply with the orders. He also suggested that people should save electricity and that excessive use of electricity at any level is a waste of federal reserves.

Cabinet approved this policy and demands implementation of this policy as soon as possible. However, people have mixed reactions regarding this policy.

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