Rakhi Sawant Arrested in Defamation Case

Bollywood celebrity, Rakhi Sawant has been in the news for a long time due to her appearance in Big Boss. marriage, and then converted to Islam.

Recently, Rakhi Sawant again hit the highlight of the news as Amboli police arrested her on a complaint filed by Bollywood actress and model, Sherlyn Chopra.

Sherlyn tweeted and announced the arrest of Rakhi Sawant. She wrote, “Amboli Police has arrested Rakhi Sawant in respect of FIR 883/2022. Yesterday, Rakhi Sawant’s ABA 1870/2022 was rejected by the Mumbai session court.”

Sherlyn filed the complaint against Rakhi in November last year because of her remarks against her. During the MeToo movement, Sherlyn spoke against producer Sajid Khan and said that actor Salman Khan is protecting him in the film industry. Rakhi Sawant accused Sherlyn Chopra of lying and spreading false information. She defended Salman Khan and Sajid Khan and said some rough things to Sherlyn.

Sherlyn then filed a complaint against her in defamation case to the police which arrested Rakhi today. Rakhi was supposed to announce and inaugurate her dance academy today with her husband, Adil Durrani but she was arrested on the spot by Amboli police.

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