Sarwat Gilani and Celebrities to Take Legal Action Against Feroze Khan

The Pakistani drama and film industry is going through an exchange of legal notices between celebrities, as popular actress, Sarwat Gilani threatens actor Feroze Khan to take legal action against him.

Khuda or Mohabbat actor, Feroze Khan had a rather ugly divorce in the public eye as his ex-wife, Aliza Sultan accused him of physical and emotional abuse. However, Feroze denied all her charges. But most of the Pakistani film and drama industry rallied behind Aliza Sultan to support her. Feroze Khan took to his Instagram to say that he will take legal action against people who are responsible for his defamation and he released a list that consisted of names and private numbers of celebrities that spoke against him. The names included Sarwat Gilani, Yasir Hussain, Mira Sethi, Aiman Khan, Sharmeen Obaid, Ushnah Shah, Farhan Saeed, and Muneeb Butt.

Sarwat Gilani also posted on Instagram and revealed a list of more than 100 unknown phone numbers that called and harassed her. She vows to take legal action against Feroze Khan. She also tagged other artists whose numbers were leaked.

Sarwat Gilani’s husband, Fahad Mirza also shamed Feroze Khan’s release of private information online and captioned his picture as ‘Moron Alert’.

Kuch Ankahi actress, Mira Sethi suggested that her lawyer will look into the matter and take legal action.

Yasir Hussain also spoke against Feroze Khan as he received calls and messages from unknown numbers who asked him for money. He said, “One stupid man first beat his wife and now leaked our numbers. Because of this, some kid is trying to ask me for a role, and if not that then Rs100,000. What should I do?”

Feroze Khan deleted the post a few moments after he posted it online on his Instagram account. The film and drama fraternity is furious at this illegal act and security breach.

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