Muneeb Butt Reports Feroze Khan to Cybercrime

Pakistani actor Muneeb Butt has also filed a complaint against actor Feroze Khan for leaking private information about his family members.

The Pakistani drama and film industry is issuing legal notices to each other at the moment because of the havoc created by the ‘Habs’ actor, Feroze Khan.

A few days back, Feroze Khan issued a legal notice against the actors for spreading false information and baseless allegations. Along with the picture of the notice, he also posted the private numbers and home addresses of celebrities involved in the notice on his social media platform. After some time, he deleted the information but the damage was done as it escalated quickly.

Then, actors including Sarwat Gilani, Yasir Hussain, Aiman Khan, Minal Khan, Fahad Mirza, and Mira Sethi, etc, all took to their social media accounts to announce that they have received hundreds of harrassing calls from unknown numbers due to post of Feroze Khan. They all decided to issue legal notice against Feroze Khan.

Now, popular actor, Muneeb Butt also decided to report Feroze Khan to cybercrime. He suggested that, “Initially, I thought it was a stupid mistake and I waited for 24 hours but no apology or excuse from you proved that it was a deliberate move. I thought you were better than this seriously.”

He further added, “The complaint registration and verification process have been completed. FIA’s cyber circle has initiated the inquiry. The process has started and you will have to taste your own medicine now. Wait for the call,”

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