WHO Reports Increase of Covid Cases in China

China has been battling Covid for more than two years now and still the struggle is in process. It is reported that the number of hospitalization has increased at a larger and more rapid pace in the last week.

World Health Organization (WHO) reported that hospitals in China are overflowing with Covid cases but the state media of China does not report the rate of infections and deaths.

During the previous week, WHO reported that China dealt with the highest number of Covid infections since the pandemic began. Also, WHO mentioned that they did not include 60,000 Covid deaths in the tally because it was waiting for detailed reports.

China witnessed an increase in hospitalization by 70% with more than 60,000 people infected with Covid and hospitalized.

However, WHO still believes that China is underreporting the hospitalization rate and mortality rate due to Covid, and demands more detailed data and reports on it.


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