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Million Trees Program in Thar Desert Garners Attention

Thar Million Trees Program was initiated in 2017 to convert the desert of Thar into a desert garden with lots of trees and greenery to protect the environment.

The program was created by Thar Block II integrated mine-power project that aims to develop the area of Thar into a beautiful space.

The Million Trees program witnessed its completion today after the plantation of one million trees in the desert region.

Under this program, the team also developed an ecological garden (50 acres), a green park (65 acres), an olive forest (10 acres), and a jujube orchard. The vast area of plants brushes the barren land with a refreshing green, distinguishing it from other places in the Thar desert.

This project has a wider perspective and aim which believes in making everything environmentally friendly. Carbon dioxide emission is harmful for environment. Therefore, the project has been devised to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

It is estimated that due to million tree program, carbon dioxide levels will reduce by 600 tonnes per year. This project is a great starting for Thar to develop itself.

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