Pak Suzuki Decides to Increase Car Prices

Businesses have suffered immensely in recent times due to high inflation rates, war, and the ever-changing situation of the world. Many automobile industries in Pakistan have reduced, postponed, or delayed their production and plants due to the non-availability of raw materials.

Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited, another major automobile company has decided to increase its product prices because of the fluctuating economic condition of the country.

The company said, “It is a very critical time for Pak Suzuki, its vendors, and dealers as all are disturbed due to no production and sales.”

They further added, “Due to current economic uncertainties, inflation in local as well as international raw and other materials cost, the volatile situation of forex, and increase in utilities and overheads. This situation has made it very difficult for Pak Suzuki to hold the current selling prices.”

Moreover the company suggested, “So, keeping inview we are compelled to pass on very minimal portion of this adverse impact through price increase.”

The motor company released the updated price list to let buyers know about the increase in prices.

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