Power Restoration Underway in Darkened Pakistan

A power outage hit Pakistan out of nowhere on Monday morning around 7 am plunging the whole country into darkness, especially across Karachi, Lahore, and Baluchistan areas.

This electricity shutdown affected more than 220 million residents of Pakistan who struggled with everyday activities. The electricity shutdown triggered a shortage of water, and due to winter, gas is also not available to residents of Pakistan.

After almost 27 hours, most of the power restoration process has been done as per the government. Energy Minister, Khurram Dastagir also said that power has been restored in many areas and is underway in other areas.

He revealed that power outage happened because of the frequency variation in the national grid. He said, “Today at 7:34am, there was unusual voltage and frequency fluctuation in the North-South transmission corridor because of which the national grid’s system frequency was affected and a widespread breakdown was caused.”

Khurram mentioned that power has been restored in almost all the areas. Some of the areas witnessed a cat and mouse game with electricity and it came and went several times.


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