Evnoy Tugio applauds role of media professionals

Karachi: Indonesian Ambassador Adam Tugio and Consul General Dr. June Kuncoro met with Karachi based journalists at Karachi Art Council.

Ambassador Tugio commended the role of media professionals in their proactive approach to the diplomatic community which helped promoting bilateral relation between sending countries and Pakistan.

Speaking on bilateral relation, the Envoy underscored the important vision of founding fathers of both countries which established a solid foundation for Indonesia and Pakistan relations encompassing all aspects from politics, defence, economy and socio-cultural affairs.

He stated that a more structured mechanism for bilateral dialog was just established last year, allowing the two FMs to take stoke progress of cooperation and give strategic direction for deepening relationship.

“Participation of Indonesian Navy in AMAN Naval Exercise 2023 in Karachi is a clear examples of how we attach great important of our relationship with Pakistan as partner in promoting global peace and security”, added Ambassador Tugio.

The Envoy also briefed the meeting on progress on economic cooperation. He stated that Pakistan has full potential to develop its economy due to its geostrategic location where Pakistan can serve as trade hub to land locked countries in Central Asian.

He emphasised the important of land and sea connectivity as one of the priority of the vision of ASEAN Community and that BRI projects on hard infrastructure would give add value to strengthen trade connectivity of ASEAN as well strengthening cultural bridges among people living in ASEAN.

“Pakistan can also get full benefit of BRI project as CPEC infrastructure will link Pakistan with the wider region”, added Tugio.

He further encouraged that Pakistan should look at the full potential of ASEAN as one of the biggest market in southeast hemisphere and Indonesia can serve as gateway for Pakistan to exploit ASEAN huge market.

Ambassador Tugio also mentioned his efforts to find ways in narrowing trade gap by working with relevant stakeholders in Indonesia as well as exploring new opportunities in fields such as halal market.

He mentioned of the economic potentials of halal market of D8 countries consisting of 8 Muslim majority countries spanning from Asia to Africa, from South Asia to Middle East which just concluded PTA among themselves.

“People-to-people contact is also important as it would cement cultural bridge, and the two countries shared a lot in common in terms of cultural heritage”, mentioned Adam.

The Envoy referred to living traditions and customs influenced by Islam, fashion and cuisines as people of both countries are fond of spices.

Ambassador Tugio encouraged youth in Pakistan to take benefit of scholarships being offered by universities in Indonesia.

He also expressed his keen interest to engage media professionals in Karachi and other cities in Pakistan for the Embassy’s programs for media professionals to visit Indonesia as part of cultural exchange programs and tourism promotional activities.

The meeting was attended by Senior journalists representing electronic media and news services in Karachi.

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