Poor lady claims to be Sajjad Ali’s real sister

A viral video clip on social media features a poor woman who claims to be the long-lost sister of the famous Pakistani singer and songwriter, Sajjad Ali.

The woman, named Bushra Akhtar, claims to share the same family lineage as the famous singer, raising questions about the validity of her claims.

A YouTube channel conducted an interview with the woman, where she introduced herself as Bushra Akhtar and stated her connection to Sajjad Ali.

She said she was from a classical music family, with Baray Ghulam Ali as one of her grandfathers, and that she is the daughter of Akhtar Hussain.

Bushra stated that even if Sajjad Ali does not acknowledge her, she will continue to pray for him and ask Allah to bless him with good health and happiness.

Bushra also revealed that she has a beautiful singing voice, much like her supposed brother, Sajjad Ali.

However, due to her financial situation, she is unable to pursue her dream of singing professionally.

Currently, she works as a housemaid and sings at Darbars occasionally. She has two children and a husband who is unable to provide for their family due to his illness.

Sajjad Ali is a well-known and revered figure in the Pakistani music industry, known for his versatile and iconic vocals.

He has been entertaining audiences since 1979 and is trained in classical singing. However, he has also proven his skills in rock and pop music, with hit songs such as “Laari Adda,” “Babia,” and “Cinderella.”

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