Concerns over Britney Spears’ health worry Sam Asghari

According to a friend of Britney Spears, Sam Asghari has been providing support for the singer amid concerns about her deteriorating mental health.

The source stated that Spears’ depression has been triggered by her sons’ refusal to visit her, and Asghari is doing everything in his power to make her happy.

Initially, the friend had doubts about Asghari, but now they feel he genuinely loves and cares for Spears and is determined to help her through this difficult time.

The friend also spoke about Spears’ mental state, explaining that her depression is, in part, due to the hurtful behavior of her sons, Sean and Preston.

The friend described Spears’ behavior as “childlike,” which is often misperceived as “crazy.”

They revealed that Spears has always been playful and like a 12-year-old girl, and her behavior is a result of a traumatic experience she had at that age.

The friend insisted that despite her occasional outbursts, she is not going crazy but simply quirky and different.

In conclusion, Sam Asghari is doing everything he can to support Britney Spears during this challenging time, and her behavior is a result of her childlike personality, which has always been a part of her but is now becoming more apparent to the public.

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