LHC questions delay in election date

The Lahore High Court has instructed the Election Commission to respond to a contempt of court petition regarding the scheduling of elections to the Punjab Assembly.

The court had previously ruled on Friday that the ECP should announce a date for the polls, yet no date has been issued, prompting the contempt petition.

In its response, the ECP informed the court that a meeting had taken place with the governor, but no date had been decided.

They also stated that the meeting had determined that further clarification was needed to comprehend the court’s decision.

Justice Jawad Hassan, who made the ruling, cautioned the government’s lawyer against making a mockery of the decision.

The judge was informed that the ECP had arranged another meeting to discuss the matter, leading to the adjournment of the court’s proceedings until the meeting’s conclusion.

Overall, the Lahore High Court has demanded that the Election Commission explain the delay in scheduling elections for the Punjab Assembly, in light of their ruling from Friday.

The ECP has cited the need for more clarity regarding the court’s decision, leading to a meeting with the governor that did not produce a date for the polls.

The court has expressed concern over the delay and cautioned against any disregard for their previous decision.

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