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Keanu Reeves forbids digital manipulation of his performances

Keanu Reeves, the Hollywood actor, has revealed in an interview with Wired that he has a clause in his movie contracts that prevents studios from making digital alterations to his performances.

Reeves commented on the increasing use of deepfake technology in Hollywood, stating that it is concerning and that individuals lose their agency when such technologies are used.

Actor discussed how the use of deepfakes removes an individual’s point of view and undermines their participation in the editing process, leading to a lack of control over how they are presented in the final product.

The actor expressed concern about the societal and cultural impacts of deepfakes, and how the proliferation of such technology may be used to manipulate and control people in the future.

In addition to his comments on deepfake technology, Reeves also spoke about the cultural and societal impact of AI-generated music and NFT digital art.

While he acknowledged the cool factor of these tools, he raised concerns about the corporatocracy behind them and how they could be used for control and manipulation in the future.

Reeves suggested that there may be a confrontation between the value of real and non-value and questioned what would be pushed on us and presented to us. He referred to the situation as a sensorium, a spectacle, and a system of control and manipulation.

Reeves cited an experience from the early 2000s, where a tear was digitally added to his face in a performance. He found this to be frustrating because it undermined his agency and control over his performance.

The actor understands that performances will be edited to some extent, but he believes that the use of deepfakes erodes the actor’s agency and the director’s vision.

Overall, Keanu Reeves has expressed concern about the cultural and societal impact of deepfakes and the use of AI-generated music and NFT digital art.

He has taken steps to prevent studios from digitally manipulating his performances, citing the importance of an actor’s agency and control over their performances.

Reeves suggested that the increasing use of these technologies raises questions about control and manipulation in the future and the potential for a confrontation between what is deemed to be real and what is not.

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