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Forced marriages have no place in modern world: Jemima Goldsmith

As the release of Jemima Goldsmith’s romantic-drama film, What’s Love Got To Do With It?, draws near, the screenwriter sat down for an interview with Middle East media to discuss her views on the movie, modern love, and arranged marriages.

In the interview, Jemima shared how romantic comedies have ruined her life and her friends’ lives, as they have set unrealistic expectations of love.

The idea for the film came from Jemima’s experiences in Pakistan, where she saw many successful arranged marriages in her ex-husband Imran Khan’s conservative extended family. However, she clarified that her own marriage to Imran Khan was not arranged.

Reflecting on her friends’ difficulties in finding suitable partners, Jemima would often suggest assisted marriages. She explained that there is a difference between forced and assisted marriages, and the former has no place in the modern world. Assisted marriages, on the other hand, are a form of courtship that help individuals meet the right person.

Jemima refused to discuss the film’s ending, leaving it for viewers to discover on their own.

In conclusion, Jemima’s views on arranged marriages highlight the importance of differentiating between forced and assisted marriages, with the former having no place in modern society.

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