Levies Force Recovers Barkhan Woman in Operation

The Levies Force on Wednesday night “recovered” the kidnapped woman, Giran Naz, along with her four sons, and a daughter. Grian and her children were allegedly in the custody of Balochistan Minister for Construction and Communications Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran in the province’s Barkhan district.

Khan Muhammad Marri’s three family members were killed and accused Khetran of keeping his children in a “private jail”.

Following the protests that spread across Balochistan demanding the recovery of missing persons, the action was taken against those responsible for the incident. Police took the provincial minister into custody for his involvement in the brutal killing.

Meanwhile, the search operations of Marri’s wife, Giran Naz, began. The woman was presumed dead, along with her children Farzana, Abdul Majeed, Abdul Ghaffar, Imran and Abdul Sattar was recovered, as per Levies officials.

Khan Muhammad Marri’s family was being held hostage in different places, so the force moved in three districts.

It said that operations were done in East Balochistan and South Punjab by the Levies Quick Response Force to get the hostages back. A plan to send the two boys to Punjab was also stopped by the force.

The Levies Force said that no one was caught during the operations.

Autopsies are done on the bodies
In the meantime, the police finished the autopsy on the bodies that were found in the well.

Police Surgeon Dr. Aisha Faiz, who did the autopsies, said that one of the dead was a female between the ages of 17 and 18. She said that the person who died had been raped and hurt before being shot.

The medico-legal officer said that the autopsy shows that the woman was shot three times in the head and that her face and neck were cut up with acid to hide her identity. She said that the girl could be Giran Naz’s daughter and not Giran Naz herself.

She also said that the other two were tortured before they were killed.

Balochistan minister taken into custody
The police said that Khetran was arrested on Wednesday because they thought he was involved in the brutal murder of three people whose bodies were found in a well in the Barkhan district. The bodies had been shot and were covered in blood.

“Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran is accused of killing three people, so he was taken into custody,” police said as protesters in Quetta sat down for the third day in a row to demand justice.

The protesters have set up a sit-in with the three bodies at the Fayyaz Sumbal Chowk. They want Khetran to be charged, his ministry to be taken away, and the five people who are being held captive to be freed.

Late Tuesday night, the police also went to the minister’s house to get Marri’s five kids back. They also blocked the roads that led to Khetran’s house in Patel Bagh, Quetta.

A police spokesman said that a special investigation team was questioning the minister and that raids were being done to find the people who had been “kidnapped.”

“A mother and her two sons were killed, and more arrests are likely. The woman sent out a video message a few days ago saying that she was in Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran’s prison “the person speaking up said.

“She and her sons were found dead in a well in Barkhan days after her video message went viral,” a spokesperson said.

As the pressure on the police grew, they filed a case against unknown people under the Pakistan Penal Code’s Sections 34 (doing any act with the intent to hurt someone), 202 (causing evidence of the crime to disappear or giving false information to screen offender), and 302 (qatl-i-amd).

After getting a lot of bad press, Khetran denied that he had anything to do with the murders and said he was a “peaceful and law-abiding person.”

“Accusations that I owned a private prison and killed three people are part of a plot to hurt my political reputation,” he said, adding that his house had also been searched by the previous government.

“If there had been a jail, it would have been found,” he insisted. “But if anyone is still not sure, they can come look at my house.”

He also said that the accusations were a “dark attempt” to take away his “right to be involved in regional politics.”

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