Leaked CAD Files Reveal New Features and Design Changes in iPhone 15

Apple is set to launch the iPhone 15 in a few months, and leaked CAD files have provided a glimpse of the changes and new features in the upcoming model.

The 3D CAD files show that Apple has made design changes and added new features, including a dynamic island instead of a notch, which is similar to the iPhone 14.

In addition, Apple has finally embraced the more efficient, versatile, and compatible USB-Type C as its charging port.

The CAD files, acquired by 9to5 Mac, reveal that the standard iPhone 15 will have a classic dual camera setup, while the Pro model iPhones will feature a third camera and LiDAR.

The screen display of the standard iPhone 15 is expected to be 6.2 inches, while the Pro models are anticipated to have a larger 6.3 or 6.4-inch display.

The leaked CAD files provide an exciting preview of the iPhone 15’s new design changes and features, which are expected to enhance the user experience.

As with any new product launch, there is always the possibility of surprises and additional features, but these leaked CAD files have already given us a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming iPhone 15.

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