Resolve travel agency issues, says Yahya Polani

Chairman of the Travel Agents Association of Pakistan Yahya Polani spoke at a joint press conference held in Karachi by the association.

He was accompanied by Mohammad Nadim Sharif, Senior Vice Chairman of TAAP, Alamgir Khokhar, Vice Chairman of South Zone, Mohammad Raza, former Chairman Mohammad Hanif Ranch and Executive Committee Member of TAAP, Naveed Zaman.

Speaking at the conference, they said that if the situation with travel agencies and tour operators does not improve, the country’s economy will face further negative impacts.

The travel industry has had to face its worst period during the COVID-19 pandemic, with many travel businesses being forced to close down and countless people becoming unemployed.

Finally, when the industry started to become active again, after more than six months of being inactive due to the pandemic, a new crisis arose with the non-transmission of funds of foreign airlines for more than three months.

As a result, airlines have imposed strict conditions and policies for Pakistan’s market, and the fares for airlines have already tripled after COVID-19.

The non-transmission of funds by foreign airlines is causing further harm to Pakistan’s already struggling economy.

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