Rubina Ashraf Criticizes Alizeh Shah’s Acting Skills

Rubina Says That The Actress Has Unrealistic Looks And Called Her a "Zero".

LAHORE: In a recent interview, senior actress Rubina Ashraf stated, “Alizeh Shah is zero for me because of her acting abilities and unrealistic appearances in dramas.”

Rubina Ashraf, along with prominent actresses Atiqa Odhu and Nadia Jamil, were guests on a private TV show in which the host asked the three actresses to rate Alizeh Shah’s play ‘Chand Raat Aur Chandni.’ Both Atiqa Odhu and Nadia Jamil awarded Alizeh sven scores.

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On her turn, Rubina Ashraf did not award Alize Shah any points and stated, “Alizeh Shah is a zero for me.” In response, Atiqa inquired if it was because of Lux. Rubina Ashraf replied affirmatively.

To defend her opinion, the actress also blasted Alizeh Shah’s performance, stating, “Alizeh is shown with lipstick and curly hair in every play; for me, she is a zero.” Alizeh doesn’t take off her make-up even in Sehri [programmes]. If I had to direct a play for Alizeh, I would have her perform at least one scene or performance without makeup.

Rubina Ashraf added that the period of acting like Alize ended a long time ago and that Alizeh’s acting was nowhere to be found in the show.

However, the host objected to the comment made about Alizeh, which sparked an altercation between the host and Rubina Ashraf. The co-actresses attempted to terminate the topic by claiming that it was Rubina’s view, but both the presenter and the actress maintained their positions.

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